Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sometimes i am ashamed to be muslim in trinidad

It is a sad fact that i am sometimes ashamed to be muslim in trinidad . I am ashamed what i can only be described as criminal actions by " muslim " gangs north . It is a disgrace to see that picture of a woman wearing a hajib celebrating the verdict of the Vindra Naipaul case  . I am ashamed that the fear of terrorism is so bad that any randomly fool can leave a voice msg on facebook and malls will be shut down . Or today as i watched children silently pray in school some genuinely wondering if there would be something in their school . The feeling i get when some one ask me about treats to my county , our country and they ask me because they know i am a muslim so the assume i know some thing or understand something they dont , how the hell am i suppose to know something , i dont know , they watch the news i dont they know more than me sickens me to my stomach because even though i want to pass it of as a joke like everybody else from the minister of education come down and i genuinely do believe its a hoax . But somewhere to the back of my mind i wonder what if its real ? What if its true ? And i am ashamed that it has come to this ............. And i fear that in the future its only going to get worst