Monday, May 11, 2009

I learn that i just not cut out for the great outdoors

In name of Allah most gracious most merciful

I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worthy but Allah and Muhammad may Allah b pleased with him is his messenger as to what follows .

So yesterday I went down on the small islands to go fishing . So for the first time its me against the elements , . . . . . . . the the fishes won

( 1 ) I had to wake up early in the morning like 4:am , I don’t wake up so early may b fajir and then go back to sleep , but I man am not a earlbut I man am not a early bird

( 2 ) I had to drive across the country , I had to try this 5 hour energy drink thing , well it did work that day .

( 3) Now the day b4 I went to the pharmacy and saw a first aid kit , but of course I was just too cheap to buy it and guess who was the first man to fall of a 6 inch rock to the ground and cut his hand , yea me , and guess what the sea that day happened to b salty so I bathing and this having salt in my wond all the time

( 4) Now officially it was a “ fishing “ trip so the nice tropical sandy beach thing took second place to the island next door with the friking cactus growing yes ppl I was on a rocky , island with cactus , but I guess the fish like it .

( 5 ) the first thing I saw was a sting ray , sorry some other kind of ray a egily ray or something and I antmit it I am a little coward me in the water in with a black ambush predator that lives inder water ( where I bathing ) and a long spiked tail that can hit me in my little friend , hell man what if I het it hit I don’t even have reception on my cell phone I die of pain or shame depending of which happens first . So I swimming in fear of this ray hitting me in my balls hand burning but what the hell was still good .

( 5 ) Of course I did climb up and 2 b honest I could see the fish , they could see me , I jumped on them they swam away . but what the hell I hear to bathe right .

( 6 ) Of course these fishes seem to develop a bad relationship us , we caught like 2 three inch fishes , so we had to move , So guess who had to spend 2 hrs in the hot sun ( yea for some reason it was hot that day ) . and it I had to sit on the rocks in the sun the rocks sticking me in my ass .

( 7 ) Then the boatman came we learnt why he was late he had another trip so we packed up like fish in the boat moving to the other island , when we reached , one of the guys was like look Carrea I was like what that ? and apparently we have a prison island , and of all topics of conservation how easy it would b to swim across .

( 8 ) well other than the turtle watching me , I falling to light a fire ( dam waste of time all that survivor man I watch on discovery ) my shades falling in the water over the cliff . Coming with fellas and yea like we did not realize there was this thing call lunch . my total lack of skill catching fish .

the d boat man being late …. Was a kool scene


Nah but All and All I did not go to fish I went 4 the lime and meet the brothers and I did that for guys thanks for the invite and the new experience , lets do it again insha Allah but let me BBQ or something u all can hunt the fish J insha Allah