Sunday, November 21, 2010

Islam is free from the misguided few in terrorist in our rank

there are over 1 billion muslims on earth thats 1000 000 000 people and Yes a very small fraction of muslims as misguided as they have become are terrorist . Planting bombs and killing people but consider this Northern Ireland , a part of Ireland occupied by the British forces to this very day where British kills a couple Irish every now and again . The irish Catholic Christians formed what is in effect a terrorist organization the IRA and they plant bombs and assassinate ppl every now and again , do we then now say that all Christians are terrorist this is what the bible and pope teache ???? Of course not . The few radicalized Catholic Christians who form the IRA do not do this from Christianity no more that the few radicalized muslims do the same form islam . B4 U go out judging a whole religion and the massive part of humanity that adhere to thte fate something 25 % and the fastest religion in the world . Learn something about , read the Qoran , U can get it online and many places for free . And if U find in the Koran what u think is there then U know 4 sure that you are right .............................. just to point it out U may just change your mind