Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mighty lone sheep in the dark

in the name of Allah most gracious most merciful

I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad is is servant and messenger

Mighty lone sheep in the dark

To see the need ,
To feel your stomach turn ,
I know ppl who have been raped chick
I have heard them scream in the hospital
I have held them

I have listen to girls
Break down in tears because of how the were beaten and raped To hear the words “ I cant take it any more “
From this pretty girls with brown green eyes
A muslim chick actually ;

And I just did not want to see any thing happen to U
I have seen and heard thing that haunt me in my dreams
And I just wanted to help ;

So frig U never make the mistake of thinking it is for U
I want nothing form U ,

No food

No help

No fame

Leave me alone
As U all always have ,
Stay in your dammed ivory towers
Lay your ignorant bliss
But never make the mistake of accusing me of that which I did not do
Frik u dam U frik U stupid bastard
I have bleed enough ,
I know my place
I have learnt that lesson by now
You are not really my problem ,

When a friked up world I live in I wanted to change it
To protect something

…… this is what I am
Dam me with a almost medieval sense of honor ,
And I just wanted to help u
I knew that u were alone and afraid
That much was clear
We could have helped
But u all refused ,
So I could not

Frig U,

Frig U ,U stupid bastard if not us then who will help U ,

And know this its not me ,

I am many things That is not one of them ,Never in your life accuse me ,U don’t even know me ,
Where I come form
What I have willingly turned away from
The opportunities I had and said no
U friking stupid idiots
You are friking blind
If u knew who I was , what I was , u would never have said that But u live in the ivory towers Across that border that I never could seem to get across
I guess not having a hizb
What ever ,

Stand alone then
Mighty lone sheep in the darkness
Hear the wolf ,
Feel the icy chill down your spines ;
Feel that he is coming
Live in fear ,

But u don’t want my help fine!
What the frig u want me to do 4 that
I am free from U
I tried
My heart is at rest
Survival of the fittest baby ;the stupid ones die of ,
After all that I still want good 4 U
That is what an ass I am

I guess that’s what got me in to trouble the first place

FriG U


The Stillness in the Chaos of my mind

The the name of Allah

The Stillness in the Chaos of my mind

Here Alone in the stillness;
The piercing stillness ;
Driving me mad ;
The motionless sounds cave in all around me ;

Seeking refuge in pray ;
The motion of my pen ;
My caged heart yearning to be grow wings
To escape from this place :

But where will I go ;
Am I being punished or tested ;
I will be patient insha Allah ;

I have hope ,
Because not to have hope is to let the silence consume me
The madness take over ;
To let the win ;

I refuse to let it win to kill me ,
So I stand against it ;
The Stillness ý..
And hope that Allah is on my side
Hope that there is something 4 me @ the end of my journey

But the ,is crushing me now ;
I am bleeding ;
How many battles I have lost ;
Times I have been hit

My heart is being bleed dry ;
And my body soon following it ;
You have not known pain until U spit blood
Until U crawl on your knees because U cant stand
All collateral damage in the War against the stillness

And yet I still stand against the stillness;
While many have fallen under the pressure caved ;
And dance in glee in front of me choosing the darkness to the torture of the stillness
And others have grown wings and blended
evolved to hearts becoming one ;

I stand against the Oceans of Stillness
Stillness as far as the eyes can see ;
The horizon flooded and coming in a endless stream to rush up against me
Oh Allah take me away from this this fate
And remember me
And help and reward me .