Monday, November 10, 2008

Married without job

By Umar Bryant Saudi Gazette
WHILE most youth today are one extreme – delaying their marriage without reason – another peculiar mentality is becoming increasingly common nowadays. Brothers who have no jobs, get married with the intention of using their wives’ wealth, and when asked why they don’t have job, they give vague answers like “I want to be a businessman.”
What in the bleep is wrong with this picture? Some youth are out of their minds. What kind of a Muslim has no job? What kind of a Muslim leeches off of his wife?
Can a Muslim actually look into another brother’s eyes while saying this, and moreover feel confident and proud about it? But a lot of brothers are behaving like this.
It’s amazing! One is simply dumbfounded by it. Brothers in the West have no job because they do not want to flip burgers or work in a supermarket because of the “Haraam”!
Guess what, if you cannot find any other job and you have exhausted all of your resources looking then you have no choice. Your family has to eat. You must fulfill your obligation to your wife and kids.
The even funnier part is, these same brothers wonder why their wives don’t obey them.
They want to come up with the Hadith on women’s duties then. They talk about how a supportive wife should be. They are mistreating women and are talking about rights?! The wives have the right to seek divorce from such brothers.
The time has come for Muslims to grow up and wake up. These brothers must be held responsible by the community for their behavior.
This of course does not include those who are genuinely making an effort and struggling. We all face hard times once in a while. If you are struggling then may Allah make it easy for you because indeed after hardship comes ease.
It is time for Muslims to get educated. This idea of not studying is strange. Scholars in the past were educated in both, the worldly affairs and the religion.
We must prepare and plan well for our future, and our family’s future. Make sure children’s future is also taken into consideration.
Not only do we need a primary plan but we also need a contingency plan, and both plans should be laid out for at least five to 10 years. That doesn’t mean saving money to last for five to 10 years, which one may never be able to do.
The point is: Think about the big picture. Your plans may change but your goals should not. Do not put your family in a situation where your own hands have brought about their suffering.
So let’s get on it! Time to raise the bar.

The nightmares of the screams in the valley of darknes

There once was a beast that lived in darkness;

In a world of solitude ;

Silence ;

Broken only by the echoes of screams from the past;

Memories of blood ;

Because even in a dark world of silence sometimes blood drop fall like thunder;

Nightmares of this blood ;

Of screams ;

Of death ;

Or worst yet those kept alive who scream again and again ;

Haunting this wait ;

Knowing those silence screams ;

Waiting ;

Growing ;

Changing ;

But what will he be in the end ?;

Waiting .

Waiting , watching hoping ;

To stand up to the fear that causes the screams ;

To end it ;

Waiting and hoping the screams are forgotten ;

The fear become smiles ;

The Nightmares end ;

But what of the beast;

Even if he stands up ;

Even when the screams stop ;

He is just a stray dog howling at the moon ;

But even dogs have their uses;

But after that to be forgotten ;

Alone in the silence ;

Waiting in the end for death ;

It is better to die standing against the silence ;

Perhaps death either standing , to wasting away in darkness is the beast only hope of freedom