Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Stillness in the Chaos of my mind

The the name of Allah

The Stillness in the of my mind

Here Alone in the stillness;
The piercing stillness ;
Driving me mad ;
The motionless sounds cave in all around me ;

Seeking refuge in pray ;
The motion of my pen ;
My caged heart yearning to be grow wings
To escape from this place :

But where will I go ;
Am I being punished or tested ;
I will be patient insha Allah ;

I have hope ,
Because not to have hope is to let the silence consume me
The madness take over ;
To let the win ;

I refuse to let it win to kill me ,
So I stand against it ;
The Stillness …..
And hope that Allah is on my side
Hope that there is something 4 me @ the end of my journey

But the Stillness is crushing me now ;
I am bleeding ;
How many battles I have lost ;
Times I have been hit

My heart is being bleed dry ;
And my body soon following it ;
You have not known pain until U spit blood
Until U crawl on your knees because U cant stand
All collateral damage in the War against the stillness

And yet I still stand against the stillness;
While many have fallen under the pressure caved ;
And dance in glee in front of me choosing the darkness to the torture of the stillness
And others have grown wings and blended
evolved to hearts becoming one ;

I stand against the Oceans of Stillness
Stillness as far as the eyes can see ;
The horizon flooded and coming in a endless stream to rush up against me
Oh Allah take me away from this fate
And remember me
And help and reward me .


Monday, June 21, 2010

tree kangaroo

The golden-mantled tree kangaroo was discovered in December 2005 by a team of Indonesian, Australian, and U.S. scientists, in the Foya Mountains, in the Papua proivince. Currently, ten species are recognized in the group, nearly all of which are threatened by habitat loss or hunting. The golden-mantled tree kangaroo is considered as one of the most endangered of all tree-kangaroos, being extinct in most of its original range.