Monday, February 20, 2012

I hate the New Blogger

This is the first time i have logged into my blog for over a mth . Why do you ask ? Because i tried to use dynimic template from blogger , for those of you who dont know it some new thing that google is tring . Its very pretty really but its not supported by mobile broswers , even IE 7 . You Can Not see the page there is not even a default setting . All of this was not not bad enough i could not manage to log on and change it back once i changed it . I smiply could not find the button . It took a bout a month to figure out how to do it . To so ir by the way dont go to your blog and sign in form there there is no way to do it . You must go directly to the blogger website and log in from there they will take you to your dashboard where you can disable the peice of crap dynamic templates