Sunday, April 26, 2009

I hate ppl who to sell islam

In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful

i bear withness that there is nothing worthu of worship but Allah and Muhammad may Allah have merciful is his final messenger as to what follows

Of the things i hate is ppl who put a price of their religion they sell it like it were fish i the market . Lakt week i was by my family and she was telling me about the " Mufti " who use to steal cable TV and sell it to the village . and i was like what the hell a true Scholar does not lie he practices the religon . I not even talking about all the movies on cable TV and if this is halal or not for the record i still watch TV still dont make it right or remove the rubbish there is on it .

Case 2
I talking to family again and she is telling me that she went to the " mufti " and he see 25,000 jins ( sprits ) around her and these were harming her . Now i hope its not the guy thats stealing cable but i mean how exactly did he get that number ?? i wonder if i give him a jar of 2,500 jelly beans if he could look at and count them far less for 25,000 jiins . Now dont get me wrong we beleive in the unseen the jins included however there are many ....... and i looking 4 a word for me to discribe these ppl .... fools ...liers..... ok my mind wondering on some 4 letter words that i don't want to write here . These ppl are all too willto exploite the ingorance of the ingorant ppl for their own gain either for money or glory or what ever . They tell ppl the mop their house with salt or tie a taweez ( amulet kinda like a lucky charm ) to their necks What ? U putting your trust in salt and not in Allah ? the lucky charm is more powerful than Allah ???? Is this Islam . We have to do what is lam allows by the way someone did come to shyke bim baz and ask a question like it and he taught him to say the 4 Quils and sura fatha ( the first sura ) for his daughter , this is our religon not putting our fath in salt

Case 3
I remember one of my friends telling me about their imam in Nur-islam and he used to make the Dua ( something not form the religon and hence of no reward ) after the sallah . They showed him the evedence and Allah made it clear to this man the truth and he stoped doing it . And then the older heads in hte musjid , came down on him and he went back doing it . and the Prophet may Allah be pleased with him said who ever pleases the ppl by the displeasure of Allah , Allah will leave him to the ppl : form Al-Thimide and Imam Albani sais it is hassan

Case 4

............................... i rethinking about writhing this one i guess its too personal ..............................................


in the end its like this i think u want money get a job make dua , dont sell this deen , if u dont know say u dont know dont tell muslim women they cam marry Kuffar men do not make gold hallah for men ( yes all of this imams i know have done here ) There is a Ahadith in sauhi Bukari where a christian preist came up to the prophet may Allah be pleased with his after they Ayah of the Quran " and they take their preist and rabias as lords other than Allah " and he said that the ppl do not worship them and the prophet muhammed saluhi wa sulim said that they make those things that Hallah that Allah has made haram and the ppl follow them in it , and those that Haram that Allah has make hallal " . So nuns and preist cant marry did God command U to do this ? did the early christians do this ? or something introduced after ? did Jesus May Allah be pleased with him teach the ppl this ?? eh or did it come from some one else and then U clame to follow jesus May Allah be pleased with him . So must the muslims be like this too monkey see monkey . do we follow any kinda madness that those ppl who put things in the religon do ?

i just have nothing ot say about all of this .. And i have tried i have talked to ppl i have showed them the evedence they understood and because the imam or their grandfather say so thats what most ppl do . Even the fact that the prophet salihu wa sulim was the last messenger , yea i spoke to a Ahamedia and he came back and ask me are u a mufti ? and i was like no and the dude just turned away ..................... what the hell man well what ever

what ever i said that was good was from Allah glory b to him what ever was even was from me and i seek refuse from it