Monday, May 3, 2010

Jack Wanner calls Abdul-Hamid a terrorist

“Resident terrorist ? resident terrorist “ WTF jack Wanner U are calling a PNM minister a terrorist but cause he is a muslim and happens to be in another political parity ? Yea muslims run up and jump up 4 this man and vote Jack Wanner , stupid elections i don't like manning don't get me wrong ( if he let me build the 2 million Dollar flag for 1 million I may have changed my mind .
I do not like the PNM I am really not a supporter of any party . “Like choosing between 2 bowls of crap and the only thing you have to decide by is the smell “ Louse Black , and yes I am quoting a comedian to show what I think of the elections Don’t get me wrong and I have some serious issues with the PNM coming back in power :
• The massive amount of money wasted by Manning and his government
• The manning attacks on the judiciary – the man sent police to try and arrest the chief justice of this country , I have never felt like I was living under a dictator ship as that day , and when the Attorney general was called up to show his evidence in court , he did not show up ? So why were they attacking our justice system ? What is the reason ?
• This man destroyed a whole sugar cane industry , for no other reason that the majority of the people employed in it , skin colour was different from his
• He has had meetings with “community leaders”, a euphemism for a Drug Lord , our Prime minister sits down with drug dealers and kidnappers and has little talks . What kind of country do I live in ???? Can you imagine Barrak Obama sitting down with gang leaders in the white house and having lunch and a talk ? That’s what we have in Trinidad .
• The level of corruption and nepotism in Trinidad , no one lives here other then they know that , government contracts are given to friends of the PNM , you have to give money to the PNM ppl ?? What kind of place it this ?
• It is a shame that Trinidad and Tobago Per capita income is $23,100 (2009 est.) and that of Saudi Arabia is $20,400 (2009 est.) We are richer than Saudi Arabia where is all this money ? Show me , I am waiting .
• UDECOTT lol all that needs to be said
• Manning and his secret church built for his Obeah woman
• Prosperity tax , you must tax normal ppl’s houses , take money from poor ppl to pay for your mega projects . Its just wrong wrong
• This was actually suppose to be a defence of Abdul Hamid , from stupid statements from Jack Wanner , and just a poking fun as muslims who believe all of this is permissible . But listing and this could be a much longer one at that , some of the issues with Mr. Manning and really most trinis have the same problems , I really would not mind seeing the government changing .